Our Team

Coming from all over the world, our multidisciplinary team of producers, directors, actors and crew all specialise in entertaining specific audiences and helping to keep alive their cultural roots through film. 

James Prineas, Kythera  (Director / Scriptwriting)

Alexander Dewhirst, Sydney  (Producer)

Nicholas Gianniotis, Tokyo (Senior Producer)

Jasper Betton, Kythera (Jr. Producer)

Anthony Cordato, Sydney  (Production/Creation)

Eleni Foutoulaki, Crete (Distribution)

Stefano Bosis,  Milan (Production)

Keiko Inuzuka, Tokyo (Production)

Katya Sourikova,  London (Music)

Colleen Cordato, Sydney  (Production/Creation)

Louie Betton, Copenhagen (Creation/Acting)

Pia Betton, Copenhagen  (Creation/Production)

Arthur Kier  (Editing)

Evanthia Afstralou, Nicosia  (Editing)

Carlota Ibañez de Aldecoa Silvestre, Valencia (Assistant Director)